Half the World Away 

New Zealand is a genuine wonderland. But we'll get to that. First, if you're remotely under prepared, getting through immigration into the country is like trying to talk your way into a house made of matchsticks while you're on fire. (I went through about 10 different metaphors before settling on that one.) If you're just … Continue reading Half the World Away¬†



This is Australia (if you can't tell that from the above picture, seriously rethink your life) known as the land where the beaches are fine and the bit... I mean ladies are finer. Quick idiot's guide to Australia: it's a really friggin' big island. Like, bigger than all of Europe. 85% of its population live … Continue reading CRIKEY.

Oh look, a blog update

After what is now more than 5 weeks on the road, I'm gonna just chuck out some random thoughts. Between tummy aches, fevers, useless air conditioners, and people in the same room who sound like they're chomping on a mouthful of Weetos when they snore, I can't remember the last good night's sleep I had. … Continue reading Oh look, a blog update