Bangkok, Trains From Hell, and EWEPHAAAAAAANTS!

Bangkok is like a French girl. (I assume. I don't actually know any French girls.) Some of it is quite nice to look at, some of it smells a bit odd, and it's probably best not to hang around for too long. We stayed at the highest rated hostel in Bangkok (NapPark Hostel) just 2 streets … Continue reading Bangkok, Trains From Hell, and EWEPHAAAAAAANTS!


Welcome to Bangkok?

If I could describe my first impressions of Bangkok in one word, it would be 'OH SWEET CHRIST WHAT THE SHIT ARE WE DOING HERE?!' because sometimes one word just isn't enough. Bangkok's Suvbitnfgigsrgbjossbrghluog (ah hell I can't spell it) airport is a top of the range, modern facility placed conveniently in the heart of … Continue reading Welcome to Bangkok?


I get why Westerners don't visit Japan too often compared to places like Thailand or Australia. It's not exactly like a 2 hour flight to Majorca. The culture all seems a bit alien... Everywhere you look, geeks. Except geeks are the cool people here. The food looks weird; Who eats such things? English isn't spoken … Continue reading Konichiwa